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Teach mathematics to middle school students, and provide them with essential preparation for more advanced high school courses, with a middle school mathematics teaching degree from Indiana State.  

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Why Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Middle School Mathematics Teaching at Indiana State?

Middle school mathematics forms a crucial bridge between fundamental math instruction in elementary school and more advanced courses students will take in high school. Instructors who teach middle school mathematics can have a profound influence on students’ future success. 

Teach Students the Power of Numbers  

Middle school students begin learning advanced mathematics, including algebra and geometry. These classes help them develop mental discipline, learn how to solve problems, and understand logic. Math classes also help students excel in other subjects, including science, social studies, music, and art.  

Our middle school mathematics teaching program is designed for students who only want to teach middle school mathematics (grades five through eight). In addition to core instruction in relevant mathematics topics, including algebra and geometry, this program provides opportunities for field experiences at local middle schools and for tutoring experiences at Indiana State’s Math Lab. The program concludes with a semester-long student teaching experience at a middle school.

Learn from Our Excellent Faculty 

Faculty in the Department of Mathematical Sciences participate in interdisciplinary research, often alongside students, and they regularly present findings at conferences. Our faculty’s areas of academic interest include the teaching of mathematics, dynamical systems, differential equations, probability and statistics, algebra, and logic. 

Small class sizes allow you to work one-on-one with your professors and collaborate with classmates on projects and interactive learning activities.   

Explore the Math Resource Library

Inside the Bayh College of Education, the Mathematics Resource Library is open 20 hours per week to the Indiana State community, local teachers, parents, and students. It provides a repository of mathematics materials available for loan.   

What You'll Learn in the Middle School Mathematics Teaching Program 

As a middle school mathematics teaching major at Indiana State, you will be qualified to take the State of Indiana’s required licensure exam to teach math in middle schools, typically grades five through eight. In this program, you will develop a strong foundation in mathematics education for middle school grade levels, including algebra, concepts of numbers and operations, geometry, statistics, and other math subjects.  

You will take classes in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, and you will also take education classes in the Bayh College of Education. Your program concludes with a semester-long, middle-school student teaching experience. You can complete our Bachelor of Arts in Middle School Mathematics Teaching in four years of full-time study.  


In addition to general mathematics and teaching classes, you will complete classes in a concentration on a mathematics subject you wish to teach.

Middle School Mathematics Concentrations 

 Algebra helps students build problem-solving skills, reasoning, and logic. In the algebra concentration, you will study abstract algebra, analysis, analytic geometry, concepts of numbers and operations, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and principles of statistics. This concentration is ideal for students intending to teach algebra to middle school students.  

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Calculus connects algebra and arithmetic to a basic understanding of how things change. In the calculus concentration, you will study abstract algebra, analysis, analytic geometry, calculus, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and principles of statistics. This concentration is ideal for students intending to teach calculus to middle school students.  

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Transfer Credit

Indiana State University accepts credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities within the United States, and from selected schools located outside the United States. Credit also may be granted for military training and experience. Previously earned college credit can be applied toward completion of the program per Indiana State's transfer guidelines.

Transfer Guidelines

Career Possibilities for Middle School Mathematics Teaching Majors 

Our graduates are qualified to take the State of Indiana licensure exam for teaching mathematics in grades five through eight. Teachers who graduate from our program make a lasting impact on the lives of middle school students across Indiana and the nation.  

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