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Learn major facets of the criminal justice system, from policing and investigations to the judicial system and corrections. Prepare for a dynamic criminal justice career with a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree from Indiana State.

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Why Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Indiana State?

The Criminology and Criminal Justice BS prepares you for a career in corrections, law enforcement, and juvenile justice, and in areas such as private investigation and private security management. This program also prepares you for law school or for graduate study in criminology and criminal justice or related disciplines. 

Understand Crime, Law, and the Justice System

As a Criminology and Criminal Justice major at Indiana State, you will deepen your understanding of crime, law, and societal issues, while gaining real-world experience in the U.S. justice system through internships with law enforcement agencies and other branches of the court and corrections systems.

Through industry and academic partnerships, the School of Criminology & Security Studies sponsors conferences and activities that enable you to network with fellow students and career professionals. Additionally, Indiana State sponsors a chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the national criminal justice professional fraternity.

Gain Hands-On Laboratory Experience

Criminology and Criminal Justice majors gain hands-on forensics training in the Crime Lab, where you will practice investigative techniques for the recognition, collection, preservation, and analysis of physical evidence. Using laboratory technology, you will perform:

  • Ballistic analysis 
  • Fingerprint collection 
  • Trace evidence collection 
  • Blood spatter analysis 
  • Crime scene documentation 

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Learn from Our Excellent Faculty

Award-winning faculty in the School of Criminology & Security Studies bring decades of experience in criminal justice, jurisprudence, sociology, and psychology to the classroom. They teach small classes in a collaborative style that emphasizes teamwork, active inquiry, and hands-on practice, in addition to traditional lectures. Most hold doctoral degrees and engage in research and scholarly activities.

You will benefit from instructors’ expansive professional networks, and they will assist you with professional development, including career paths, internships, undergraduate research, participation at professional conferences, and other matters related to your professional growth.

What You’ll Learn in the Criminology and Criminal Justice Program

The Criminology and Criminal Justice BS program focuses on the scientific, empirical approach to the nature and extent of crime, the causes of crime, and the development of methods designed to effectively prevent and control criminal behavior while achieving justice.

Coursework in the Criminology and Criminal Justice BS addresses the criminal justice system, criminal behavior, criminal law, criminal justice administration, and their relationship to broader society. Specialized courses address specific needs and interests in areas including homicide investigation, terrorism, and women and people of color in the criminal justice system.


In addition, students participate in internships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, departments of correction, prosecutor’s offices, other judicial departments, or private-sector companies. These work experiences can lead to positions following graduation. 


Transfer Credit

Indiana State University accepts credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities within the United States, and from selected schools located outside the United States. Credit also may be granted for military training and experience. Previously earned college credit can be applied toward completion of the program per Indiana State's transfer guidelines.

Transfer Guidelines

Career Possibilities for Criminology and Criminal Justice Majors

Criminology and Criminal Justice graduates are prepared for careers with local, state, and federal agencies and in the private sector. Our alumni are employed by the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals Service, NCIS, ICE, TSA, Border Patrol, and other Homeland Security agencies, as well as by the National Institute of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Others serve as police officers and administrators, as professionals in correctional programs, as probation and parole officers, and as criminal justice trainers and educators. Still others work as security professionals or investigators for insurance companies, banks, or law firms. 

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