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Fast-track your career in occupational safety by earning your bachelor’s plus your master’s degree in just five years, with the Occupational Safety Management Accelerated Master’s (4+1) program at Indiana State University.

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The Occupational Safety Management Accelerated Master’s is a traditional, on-campus program offered on the Indiana State University campus in Terre Haute, Indiana. The program is open to eligible U.S. and international undergraduate students enrolled in the Safety Management Bachelor of Science (BS) program.

Why Choose the Occupational Safety Management Accelerated Master’s Program at Indiana State?

If your educational and career goals include earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the Occupational Safety Management Accelerated Master’s program is an ideal pathway that can save you time and money.  

Go Further Faster

As a student in the Safety Management Bachelor of Science (BS) program at Indiana State University, you may be eligible to participate in the Occupational Safety Management Accelerated Master’s (4+1) program. This degree option enables you to combine undergraduate and graduate courses and begin your master’s during your senior year of undergraduate study. This dual enrollment pathway enables you to complete your Master of Science (MS) in Occupational Safety Management one year after completing your Bachelor of Science in safety management.

It is important to contact an academic advisor early in your studies to determine your eligibility, discuss program and GPA requirements, and plan your program of study.

Learn from Our Excellent Faculty

You will benefit from relatively small class sizes that enable you to work one-on-one with faculty.  

Our professors have extensive industry experience in workplace safety and incorporate aspects of their ongoing research into discussions about safety management topics and current best practices. Students in the safety management program may also have an opportunity to participate in faculty-led research projects.  

What You’ll Learn in the Occupational Safety Management Program

The Occupational Safety Management program provides a broad foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge about safety administration. Content areas include systems safety, human factors engineering, program management and evaluation, safety law, and policy analysis. Thesis and non-thesis options are offered.

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Occupational Safety Management (Accelerated M.S.)

You will have the opportunity to join the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), Student Section. This involvement enables you to qualify for scholarships worth thousands of dollars. Indiana State students receive the highest percentage of ASSP scholarships available to programs across the country.

Career Possibilities for Occupational Safety Management Graduates

Changes in manufacturing technologies, behavioral approaches to safety, risk management, and new federal regulations make safety management an exciting career choice. Employment is found in manufacturing, construction, retail, utility, and petrochemical industries; federal, state, and local government agencies; insurance companies; the military; labor unions; consulting firms; and healthcare facilities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment of occupational health and safety specialists is projected to grow 13% from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average for all occupations. The median annual wage was $78,570 in May 2022. 


Indiana State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.  

Higher Learning Commission

In addition, the Safety Management undergraduate program is accredited by the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission (ANSAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

Recognitions and Designations

The Bachelor of Science in Safety Management program is recognized as a Qualified Academic Program (QAP) by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. This designation allows our graduates to apply for the Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP), which puts you one step closer to your Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification.

The program is also recognized by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management and allows our graduates to apply for the Associate Safety and Health Manager (ASHM) credential.