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Indiana State University provides a climate of equal opportunity to all of its programs, activities, and services, and is in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. To this end, Indiana State provides accessible housing for students with disabilities as defined by these laws. To qualify for protection under these laws, the student must provide documentation from a qualified examiner that substantiates that the student has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity and that the requested accommodation is necessary to afford the student equal access.

Residential Life works with the Accessibility Resources Office (ARO) to coordinate residential accommodations for Indiana State University students with physical, neurological, and psychological needs. For full consideration of residential accommodations, the student should begin the request process with ARO prior to the date listed for the term in which the accommodations are needed. Click HERE to be taken to the ARO website.

Accommodation Form Due Dates

Returning Students

  • Summer Session: April 30th
  • Fall Semester: April 15th
  • Spring Semester: November 1st

Freshman/Transfer Students

  • Summer Session: April 30th
  • Fall Semester: June 30th
  • Spring Semester: November 1st

To make a reasonable accommodation for the student’s need, there may be certain situations where housing preferences (such as area or roommate requests) cannot be honored. Students submitting special accommodation requests after the dates indicated above will be accommodated as quickly as possible, when acceptable space can be determined. If a student is offered a change to the housing environment, an additional cost may be associated with the resulting assignment or requests. Any reasonable accommodation is considered, but the student must support the accommodation request with a documented need linked to the student's disabling condition. The reasonable accommodation takes effect once the determination is made, based on space available. Paperwork cannot be submitted for advance assignment.

Temporary Medical Conditions

If a student is experiencing a temporary medical condition that affects the student's mobility, the ARO should be contacted to discuss possible room options for a room reassignment, if space is available.


arrow_forward ADA/Medical Accommodations Form

Office of Residential Life
Indiana State University
Revised February 2016

Indiana State University, Office of Residential Life is committed to reasonably accommodate persons who require the assistance of an emotional support animal. However, Residential Life is also mindful of the health and safety concerns of the campus community. With respect to a request for an assistance animal, the Office of Residential Life will determine, on a case by case basis, and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, whether such animal is a reasonable accommodation on campus.  Thus, Residential Life must balance the need of the individual with the disability with the potential impact of animals on other campus patrons. Successful implementation of the policy requires the cooperation of all students, faculty, and staff.

For students seeking reasonable accommodation, an accommodation review process will be undertaken and may involve additional conversations between the Office of Residential Life and the requesting student.  The student must notify the Office of Residential Life in writing at least thirty (30) business days prior to the desired move-in date or during the semester, at least thirty (30) business days prior to the desired arrival of an approved animal.  If all other criteria are met, a meeting will be arranged between the student and Residential Life to discuss how to best accommodate the student, the companion animal, and the campus community. 

Please read and complete the document below and return to Residential Life.

arrow_forward Emotional Support Animal Guidelines and Responsibilities

475.1 First Year Student Housing Requirements

All single first year students (less than 32 earned academic hours) to live in University residence halls unless they commute from their parent's home (60 miles one way) or have a valid exception. Students of first year standing who have lived in University residence halls for two semesters would be exempt from this policy.

This policy can be found in the Policy Library.

Exemption Process

Exceptions to the residency policy may be granted only under certain limited conditions, including the following:

  • The Vice President for Student Affairs determines the policy shall be suspended and not enforced for that particular semester due to lack of space availability.
  • Students residing at parents’/legal guardian’s permanent address, which must be located within 60 miles of campus as measured by Google Maps (“Legal Guardian” means a person appointed guardian by a court of competent jurisdiction to act on behalf of the student in place of parents. Legal documentation may be requested for verification).
  • Part-time student taking fewer than 12 hours during either a Fall or Spring semester.
  • Students taking only online classes.
  • Students who are a veteran of the US Armed Forces who served on active duty for at least one year.
  • Students who are married and/or have dependent children (under the age of 18).
  • Students with specific medical/psychological/psychiatric needs which require special accommodations that cannot be accommodated in University-owned or University-operated housing.
  • Students with certain criminal or disciplinary backgrounds making community living an inappropriate choice.
  • An approved exception due to unforeseen, catastrophic, or financial hardship.
  • International students.
  • Students who have completed at least 30 earned academic credit hours accepted by the University toward a degree at the University (not inclusive of dual-credit earned as part of a high school curriculum).
  • Students having lived in college or university housing for at least two semesters.
  • Students who are at least 21 years of age at the start of the term.

Exemptions must be requested through the student's housing portal. From your MyISU portal, select the housing portal, then select "Apply" and select the term you are requesting. In the Housing Intent page select Apply for Exemption and follow the prompts on the pages.

Any student requiring the ability to stay on-campus during break periods (Thanksgiving Break, Semester Break, and Spring Break), when the residence halls completely close down, should consider requesting break access housing.

Freshman students selecting the break housing option while completing the online housing contract will be assigned to a residence hall that remains open during break periods. The rates for break access residence halls are higher than non-break access buildings to account for this additional time. This additional cost is approved as part of the rate for the building and is not able to be adjusted or refunded if the student does not stay for the break period(s).

Students who are not assigned to a break access residence hall are usually offered the ability to request a "walk in" break housing option, when space permits, at the additional cost of $20 a night, with a three-night minimum. This fee is billed to the student's account after the break period has ended. Students who do not live in a break access residence hall will need to temporarily relocate to a break housing location and will not be permitted to stay or re-enter their normal housing location during break periods.

Upperclass students who require housing during the break periods should self-select University Apartments or 500 Wabash. Our apartment options remain open during break periods and include all break periods in the housing rates.

Students may use this form to request a contract release, or contract buyout if they are exempt from the housing policy.

Contract Release

Students should be advised that the on-campus housing contract is a legally-binding agreement and there is a limited set of acceptable reasons a release from the contract, and any associated refund, will be considered. A release is granted only for documented situations usually involving extreme or unusual circumstances beyond the student’s control, and the nature of which would prohibit living in a residence hall or impose a severe hardship. Students should not financially commit to any other housing until official written notice of release from the on-campus housing contract is received. Further details are found on the release form.

Contract Buyout

This option is only available to students who are exempt from the University Housing Policy. The student may request to be automatically released from the contract by buying out the remainder of the contract. The buyout rate is 65% of the remaining portion of the contract, including the meal plan (if the student has one). If the buyout request is received prior to October 15th the buyout fee will only apply to the remaining portion of the fall semester. The buyout fee will apply to remaining fall and all of spring for requests received after October 15th. Due to the University Housing Policy, freshman are not eligible for a contract buyout. Further details are found on the form.

arrow_forward Contract Release/Buyout Form

Refund Policy

Students who are granted a contract release or withdraw from the university will receive a credit to their account in accordance with the refund schedule below, based on the date the student’s belongings are removed from the room and the key is returned to the front desk.

Housing and Meal Plan Refund Schedule

Week of the Semester Refund Percentage
1 through 4 75%
5 through 8 50%
9 through 12 25%
13 and later 0%


Week 1 begins on the first day of classes for that semester. A nightly rate is charged when students check-out prior to classes starting.

For meal plans: non-flex plans are refunded based on the schedule above plus any unused Commons Cash; flex meal plans have a base rate that is refunded based on the schedule above, plus credits are refunded at the conversion rate (currently $0.20 per credit), plus the amount of any unused Commons Cash.

2024-2025 Housing Contract and Rates

2024-2025 Housing and Dining Rates will be published once approved by the Board of Trustees at their February board meeting.

2023-2024 Housing Contract and Rates

The rates below have been approved by the ISU Board of Trustees.

Residence Halls

Building Details Student Semester Rate Meal Plan Required
Blumberg, Burford,
Cromwell, Erickson,
Mills, Pickerl, Sandison
Double Room $3762.50 Yes
  Single Room $4512.50 Yes
Traditional - Break Access      
Rhoads Double Room $4162.50 Yes
  Single Room $4912.50 Yes
Specialty Housing      
Reeve Hall Double Room, Pod Bath $3762.50 Yes
  Single Room, Pod Bath $4512.50 Yes
  Double Room, Private Bath $4012.50 Yes
  Single Room, Private Bath $4762.50 Yes


Freshman students are typically not eligible to live in apartments.


Building Details Student Semester Rate Meal Plan Required
500 Wabash     Private Bedroom, Shared Apartment $4689.00 No
University Apartments Shared One Bedroom $3470.00 No
  Single One Bedroom $4345.00 No
  Large Bedroom in Shared Two Bedroom $4345.00 No
  Medium Bedroom in Shared Two Bedroom $4050.00 No
  Single Two Bedroom $5065.00 No
  Large Bedroom in Shared Three Bedroom $4050.00 No
  Medium Bedroom in Shared Three Bedroom $2900.00 No
  Small Bedroom in Shared Three Bedroom $2320.00 No
Family Housing in University Apartments Two Bedroom (unfurnished) $4345.00 No

Meal Plans

For more details please visit the Dining by Sodexo website.


Meal Plan Semester Allotment Student Semester Rate Eligibility
Base Flex 102 1360 Credits + $102 Commons Cash (Standard Plan) $1979.30 Any residence hall or apartment
Base Flex 204 1360 Credits + $204 Commons Cash $2081.30 Any residence hall or apartment
Best Flex 1802 Credits + $204 Commons Cash $2183.47 Any residence hall or apartment
All Access Unlimited daily access to Sycamore Dining Hall + $102 Commons Cash and 5 guest meals $2296.18 Any residence hall or apartment

Upper-class Building

7 meals per week + $204 Commons Cash and 5 guest meals $1266.75

Upperclass students only in Reeve, Hines, Erickson, 500 Wabash or UA

UA/500 Resident 5 meals per week + $102 Commons Cash $894.11 Any resident in 500 Wabash or UA

Summer 2024 Housing

The rates below are for housing types for summer housing, May 11 to August 10 (13 weeks). Actual locations offered will be decided in the spring semester. No set contract length is required, students may move out when needed during the summer. Students' accounts are billed for the full summer and then credited for any unused weeks after a proper check-out. Students must be enrolled in summer classes or be eligible for fall classes in order to stay in the summer. An on-campus housing contract for the academic year is not required to stay on campus for summer. No meal plans are offered in the summer, however certain dining locations are open throughout the summer.


Building Details Student Weekly Rate Meal Plan Required
500 Wabash  Single room in shared apartment $240.46 No
University Apartments Single Apartment (no roommate) $200.54 No
  Large Bedroom in Shared Two Bedroom (with roommate) $200.54 No
  Medium Bedroom in Shared Two Bedroom (with roommate) $186.92 No
Family Housing Two Bedroom (unfurnished) $200.54 No
Traditional Single room (no roommate) $265.44 No
  Double room (with roommate) $221.32 No

Additional Charges

Description Student Rate
Residential Life Technology Fee (charged to all residents) $15.00/semester
Single Room Buyout of Double Room $750.00/semester
Break Access Contract Add-On (when not included in semester rate) $400.00/semester
Early Arrival/Break Access Stay $20.00/night

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